We don’t sell simulators. We train drivers, and to support this we place a high-end simulators at the customers location on a rental basis. SimDelft makes a training program together with the customer based on skill level, racing calendar, and availability. A training program is typically for 8 to 10 months, and for this period we rent out a simulator to the customer.
The customer is able to use the simulator to train at home and we plan a weekly coaching session. During this session, we connect to the simulator online, and can talk and coach the customer as he drives at his simulator at his own home. We provide reference data and video and use this to coach the driver during the session.

The Simulator:

  • 180 degrees view, made up of 3x 32inch, curved 144Hz screens, which provides a realistic viewing area of over 2 meters.
  • Porsche steering wheel with integrated electronics and paddle shift.
  • High torque steering wheel control motor for realistic steering forces
  • Pedal box with high force (Up to 130 kg) braking pedal
  • Race-tracks updated to the latest specifications and realistic car models based on actual car data
  • Live telemetry and coaching and reports

What is included:

  • We loan you a complete working quality machine with the relevant car and tracks
  • You get data and video to compare to. We coach you directly over internet as if we are there next to you once a week.
  •  You can train in your own time when it suits you.

The costs depend on the amount of training that is desired. We will always make a custom plan. Most of our drivers have a 10 race schedule over an 8 to 10 month season. We train once a week for a 2-2,5 hour session.This means we actively coach around 10 hours a month ( offcourse a driver is free to practice more in his own time). We invoice on a monthly basis.