About us

SimDelft was founded in 2011 by Stefan de Groot and Vincent van der Valk. Both former national Formula Ford champions, we now work as engineers in F2 and F3 (Carlin, Van Amersfoort), and have established ourselves in GT3 cars with BMW in VLN and Blancpain (Schubert, Falken), Porsche GT3 cup in Supercup and Carrera cup Germany, etc.
At our location in Delft, we have, formula, GT- and a Kart-simulators,
where we train and support our customers.

With our background in science, we have a fascination on understanding how to actually become an expert. Renowned behavioural scientist Ericsson & Pool (2010) states that you need to practice 10.000 hours, but that this practice needs to be specific, with good feedback and with a coach to help guide you. To become an expert in chess, playing a musical instrument, or to be the best in sports; you need to train the right way.
It is this insight that led us to developed a training program for our customers to facilitate quality trainings at our simulation centre or at the customers location.